Send files in 3 clicks with Paprwork OneWay

Transfer your data in complete confidentiality with Paprwork

Authenticate to OneWay. Submit your files and messages for distribution.

Your contacts are authenticated, your messages are encrypted, your data is protected, your files are available.

Securely collect your clients' documents and personal data

Save time on the constitution of your files

With Paprwork everything is simplified!

From creating a request to dunning a customer.

Secure collection

Collect documents and personal information from your customers.

Automated reminders

Don't waste any more time chasing your customers: Paprwork does it for you.

Document Sharing

Share your secure file between professionals, with your collaborators and your customers.

Notifications & Alerts

Stay informed in real time on the progress of the file.

Secure collection

Collect and protect all the elements necessary to create your folders.

Create and use previously saved application templates to save even more time.

Set up reminders and let Paprwork manage notifications and reminders for you.

Who is Paprwork for?

  • To those who want to save time in the constitution of files
  • To those who want to take care of their customers' personal data
  • To those who want to adopt a simple and intuitive user experience

Happy customers!

Offer your customer a dedicated space.

Drop off your documents securely. (Up to 1 GB of storage)

Let your customers answer at their own pace from their computer or mobile phone.

A solution made and hosted in France.

Use a safe that respects your customers' personal data. Documents arrive directly on Paprwork and no longer transit via unsecured e-mails.

Paprwork features

Paprwork is the first French company to develop a secure collection standard SmartCollect©️.

Secure storage and sharing

Documents and data shared on Paprwork are encrypted and stored on our servers in France.

Simple and smooth customer journey

Work in collaborative mode and offer autonomy to your clients from the document collection phase.


Paprwork is a fully online (SaaS) tool that allows you to enjoy our services from a simple internet connection.

Guarantees of complete files

Get a notification as soon as the file is complete. No more running after paperwork.

Exponential time savings

Optimize your operation to save time and money. Significantly reduce the time spent creating and tracking your files.

Simplified exchanges

No more wasted time in your mailbox. Collecting documents and data has never been easier.

They trust us!

Certifications and Awards

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Our customers testify

Just like our customers, optimize your collection processes now!

Delphine Barthe

Founder StirrUp

Thanks to Paprwork, collecting documents within StirrUp is as simple as sending a text message!

Antoine Delannoy

court bailiff

Paprwork allows me to exchange documents with my clients in total security! It's faster, simpler and I can send the volume I want!

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